Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 UPPRC Annual Awards and Election Results

Here are the election results from the recent UPPRC Annual Meeting
  • President
    • Jesse Haavisto
  • Vice President
    • Andrew Grosvenor
  • Secretary
    • Liz Sprehe
  • Treasurer
    • Sandra Haavisto
  • Trustee-East
    • Alan Jarvie
  • Trustee-Central
    • Lori Criger 
  • Trustee-West
    • Dean Juntunen 
  • Trustee-North
    • Cindy Harwood 
  • Trustee-At Large
    • George Orchard 
  • Male Runner of the Year
    • Andrew Grosvenor
  • Female Runner of the Year
    • Liz Sprehe
  • Male Youth Runner of the Year
    • John Henry Kibit
  • Female Youth Runner of the Year
    • Amber Heubner
  • Volunteer of the Year
    • Robert Yelland
  • Event of the Year
    • Whitefish Pt. Run for the Light Members 
Also receiving nominations were Bill Sved and Bruce Collins for Male Runner of the Year, Kelly Trasti and Stephanie Grosvenor for Female Runner of the Year, KJ Pruett for Male Youth Runner of the Year, Ella Grosvenor for Female Youth Runner of the Year, Gina Zanon and Tim Tervo for  Volunteer of the Year and Off the Vine, Grand Slam Fall Classic, Lake Antoine, Marquette Marathon, and the Black Bear Run for Event of the Year.